Cast SQUARE Puzzle Review

The Hanayama Cast SQUARE was one of the first Level 6 (highest level of difficulty) puzzles in my collection.

I think it should have been rated as a Level 5 in difficulty for reasons explained below.

It is made up of four interlocking pieces, two silver and two gold colored. The objective, as always, is to separate them — and put them back together again. In this case, not as simple as it sounds.

Quality is superb, as are all Hanayama puzzles. Design is incredible — it’s a work of art and looks great sitting on a shelf or desk when not being challenged.

The Cast SQUARE is about 2 inches square and 1/2 inch thick. It’s what I consider one of Hanayama’s mid-sized puzzles. There are some smaller, and some larger.

This is an interesting product because it’s a combination of a real puzzle and a little “trick.”  You can discover the “trick” part fairly easily if you fiddle with it enough. In fact, it might just fall apart in your hands. But that’s not the right solution.

Once you learn its little secret, taking it apart becomes trivial. Putting it back together is the “puzzle” part and is more difficult. Just when you think you have it put back together, that last piece just doesn’t quite want to slide in place. No amount of force will help. It’s best to simply start over again and be more thoughtful about each step, knowing what you know about how it fits together.

I’ll give two very small hints but, as usual, I won’t give you a solution. That would take all the fun out of it.

Hint #1: Pull

Hint #2: One of the four parts is not quite the same as the others

That’s all I’m going to say.

3 star ratingI rate this Cast SQUARE puzzle a 3 out of 5 stars. It’s beautiful, exquisitely designed, and feels great in the hand. It’s a bit of a challenge to first find a way to take it apart, but once discovered and studied for a moment, it’s no challenge anymore. I tend to prefer puzzles that don’t have hidden tricks. Reassembling it is a little more of a struggle even if you’ve done it several times before. It’s a  puzzle that I like to hold and look at, but it’s not one of my frequent go-to choices in my collection.

Other Owner Comments

Beautifully made. Elegant looking but tricky.”

It’s a gorgeous, well made puzzle, as well, and I recommend it as a brain stimulator.”

Has a wonderful design, very pleasant to look at, ensuring intriguing and astonishment looks from friends or co-workers”

Interestingly, depending on how you reassemble it, the solution is different, which is quite an interesting feature.”

” It is certainly nice and shiny and is very clever.”

- The Review Guy

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