Cast SPIRAL Puzzle Review

The Hanayama Cast SPIRAL puzzle is a gorgeous heavy chrome-finished cylinder made up of five pieces that fit together jigsaw style.

The pieces seem to all be identical at first glance, but in fact are not.

When first picking up the SPIRAL, it seems that it will fall apart in your hands, and that the solution is only seconds away. That is merely an illusion.

This is evidenced by the fact that this is a Level 5 Difficulty puzzle, only one level from Level 6, the most difficult level.

It might sometimes seem that a a bit of forceful pressure and twisting would lead to a solution but this puzzle is so sturdy and precisely machined that this is no slop between the parts to allow for forceful solutions.

It’s one of the characteristics of all Hanayama Cast puzzles that make them superior to most others on the market.

See our No-Spoiler Alert if you have concerns about us spoiling your fun with these puzzles.

This is one of the many Hanayama Cast puzzles that come apart easier than being put back together.

Hint: Keep the separated parts together in the same relative positions as when they came apart — or not, for a more challenging put-together.

I really like this puzzle and it’s one of those that I keep coming back to.


If I allow enough time to pass before coming back again, I’ve forgotten most of my last experience and it seems like a brand new puzzle.

4 star ratingI give the Cast SPIRAL puzzle 4 stars out of 5. Although it looks great, feels great, and plays great, I found that once you learned the “method” to solving it and putting it back together, it could be done again fairly easily. That’s why I like to only come back every now and then to play with it — after I’ve forgotten the “method.”

Other Owner Comments 

I have about 15 Hanayama cast metal puzzles, mostly level 5 and 6, this is by far my favorite puzzle.”

Very hard to figure out! I love it!!!”

“It can be dis-assembled by persistent fidgeting. On the other hand, it’s unlikely to be re-assembled by accident.”

Took me about two hours to solve (not working continuously). Loved every second of it. Beautiful puzzle.”

This one is OK to play with. It’s not particularly hard, but the geometry is gorgeous.”

- The Review Guy

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