Cast KEYHOLE Puzzle Review

Hanayama Cast KEYHOLEe our No-Spoiler Alert if you have concerns about us spoiling your fun with these puzzles.

The Cast KEYHOLE was designed by respected Finnish puzzle designer Vesa Timonen, who has designed a number of other popular Cast puzzles.”

The objective, of course, is to get the two parts separated, and then back together again — not as easy as it might first appear.

The two parts are so precisely constructed that any thoughts of forcing your way through simply won’t work. In fact, in my experience, gentle nudging succeeds more often than force.


The key to sliding the pieces of the Cast KEYHOLE apart is — rotation at the right places and right times. That’s all I’m going to say.

5 star ratingI give this puzzle a 5 out of 5 star rating. It’s one of those that I have enjoyed most because there are no secret “tricks” — it’s simply pure puzzle. You can solve it over and over, which is not that easy, and still enjoy it every time.  It’s equally challenging to put back together as it is to take apart. It has a permanent place on my desk, ready to be picked up at any time.

Other Owners’ Comments

This one actually looks easy but is more challenging than I thought.”

“You will face a nice challenge with the Cast Keyhole, even though it never gets frustrating enough to give up on it.”

“The Cast Keyhole is a lovely little challenge which is not too difficult. I can heartily recommend it for anyone’s collection”

“Not too hard, but there are a couple of tricky moves. Nice weight and feel.”

Beautifully made in two contrasting colors, silver and gold, as done many times with other Cast Puzzles, the quality.”

- The Review Guy

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