Cast FLAG Puzzle Review

The Hanayama Cast FLAG metal puzzle is a personal favorite but for a different reason than some of my other favorites.

It looks like some kind of ancient finger torture device and is very heavy. The photo suggests a primitive hand-thrown explosive weapon.

It appears at first glance to have only two parts, which is true, but one of those parts (the “flag) is itself made up of two articulating parts.

As usual for all Hanayama puzzles, the Cast FLAG is sturdy, expertly designed, and top quality. It feels good in the hands and begs to be picked up. It has a hard mottled antique brass finish.

By twisting and rotating the two parts of the flag-and-ball through separate paths, you’ll eventually get the two parts back together and be able to simply slide the assembly out.

See our No-Spoiler Alert if you are concerned that we’ll disclose too much and spoil your fun should you decide to take on the FLAG.

It’s rated Level 1 (easiest) difficulty which means it won’t take a lot of time to work out the solution, which is to separate the pieces — and put them back together.

But that’s the reason I like it.

4 star ratingI rate the Cast FLAG as a 4 out of 5, not because it’s hard, but because it’s easy. It’s a perfect puzzle to introduce Hanayama Cast to friends and family. Because it won’t totally frustrate them in attempting to solve it, they’ll love it and want to try other Cast puzzles. It’s a better alternative to some of the current “fidget” toys popular with teens. Even though it’s not very difficult, it is soothing and wonderfully relaxing to “play” with.

Other Owner Comments

 “It feels good to play with and it’s stress and frustration-free.”

Although a level 1 puzzle – this puzzle is wonderful to handle and solve”

Good quality materials and it even though I’ve solved it, it makes for a wonderful tinker-toy while I’m on the phone or lost in thought.”

“Very durable cast metal, excellent for young children who’re into puzzles. This one is relatively easy to solve.”

- The Review Guy

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